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High Temperature Molten Salt Pump


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High Temperature Molten Salt Pump

  • Product description
  • 高温液下熔盐泵
    Bozhang molten salt submerged pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable operation, low vibration, low noise, long service life, low maintenance rate and low maintenance cost. Its quality is in the lead of similar products in China and abroad. The molten salt submerged pump is manufactured according to the different needs of the length, flow rate and head of the submerged vessel. The working part of the submerged pump is submerged in molten salt, so the shaft seal is sealed by non-contact spiral seal or oil seal, and there is no leakage of molten salt; the axial and radial forces generated by the operation of submerged pump are balanced by the structure of double-port ring and symmetrical guide vane pump or balance drum respectively, so there is no noise in operation and no replacement of pump parts are needed for three years; there is a cooling system at the parts of the medium bearing box with a temperature 450 C. Cooling water takes away heat, which ensures the long life of the bearing and seal. All the friction pair components have undergone special surface strengthening treatment, which greatly prolongs the service life of the molten salt pump.
      Performance range
      Operating temperature(T):180℃~540℃
      Medium viscosity: μ<300cp
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