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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 38th national chlor alkali industry technology a

From November 22 to 24, 2020, the 38th national chlor alkali industry technology annual meeting and the 21st 'Youli Cup' paper exchange meeting held by the national chlor alkali industry information center and the editorial department of chlor alkali industry were held in Xi'an. With the theme of 'green development of chlor alkali industry', the conference attracted relevant leaders and representatives of enterprises in charge of production, technology and equipment from all over the country.

Chongqing TV station reports Chongqing Bo Zhang, news channel decodes the development history of ent

In the first half of this year, Chongqing TV news channel conducted a detailed interview and report on Chongqing Bozhang. During this period, the reporter interviewed Zhang Jian, chairman of Chongqing Bozhang, and had a pleasant exchange and dialogue with him. They had a detailed understanding of the development process of Chongqing Bozhang, and were deeply moved by the corporate culture of Chongqing Bozhang company. Recently, on the basis of this interview report, Chongqing TV station further introduced Chongqing Bo Zhang with the theme of 'big dream of small enterprises' in the column of 'news Decoding'. This time, Chongqing Bo Zhang was given a very formal special report by the TV station.

The people's daily report on the symposium quoted an interview by Zhang Jian, chairman of the board

In September 11th, the scientific symposium was held in Beijing. It was chaired by general secretary Xi Jinping and delivered an important speech. It aroused enthusiastic response in all walks of life, especially in the scientific and technological circles.

Congratulations on the successful closing of the 2020 national caustic soda technology annual meetin

From July 27 to July 29, 2020, China Chlor Alkali Industry Association held the 2020 national caustic soda technology annual meeting with the theme of 'innovation driven, optimized structure, intelligent promotion and scientific development' successfully held in Chongqing. The conference comprehensively shared and exchanged views on the latest technologies and equipment, development of chlor alkali products, intelligent optimization technology, economic operation and policy environment analysis. More than 100 chlor alkali enterprises from all over the country participated in the event, and Chongqing Bozhang mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was also invited to attend the grand meeting.

Warmly congratulations on the success of the 18th Safety Month

With the approval of the State Council, ten departments, including the State Economic Commission, the State Construction Commission, the National Defense Work Office, the Finance and Trade Group of th

Binhua Group increases capital of Binhua Hydrogen Energy by 150 million yuan

Binhua Group increases capital of Binhua Hydrogen Energy by 150 million yuan

Worries about the Lack of Professional Talents in Chemical Industry

Some enterprise safety managers even think that their job is to 'do data' and deal with all levels of inspection.

Green development, new ideas and new paths for fine Innovation -- "Star Cup" 2009 Conference on Inno

Tangshan City, Hebei Province, is the cradle of modern industry in China. It has a strong industrial foundation and is known as the 'Northern Porcelain Capital'. On March 14, 2019, the three-day 'Star Cup' 2019 Conference on Innovation and Development of Chlor-Alkali Industry and the 4th Symposium on Green Development of Chlor-Alkali Industry and Extension of Fine Industry Chain were solemnly held in Tangshan City.
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