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Chongqing Bo Zhang warmly congratulates the 2021 National Seminar on solid caustic soda industry held in Chongqing

On April 15, 2021, sponsored by China Chlor Alkali network and co sponsored by Chongqing Bozhang, the "year of 2021"National Symposium on solid caustic soda industry was successfully held in Chongqing. The delegates to the meeting covered the domestic market Many experts from alkali production enterprises, solid alkali processing enterprises, traders and downstream alkali consumption enterprises.

Chongqing Bozhang and Chongqing xinshengtong Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the contract of "9600 T / a 32% - 90% potash concentration unit"

In February 2021, Chongqing Bozhang and Chongqing xinshengtong Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the contract of "9600 T / a 32% - 90% potash concentration unit". The unit will provide technical support for xinshengtong's "7000 tons of hexanediol and 1000 tons of alkyne glycol comprehensive project" after it is put into operation. It is one of the major new infrastructure projects of xinshengtong in 2021. The completion of the project will further promote the process of comprehensive utilization of energy in Chongqing Chemical Industry and contribute to the optimization of industrial structure adjustment in Chongqing. "9600 T / a 32% - 90% potash concentration unit" is very difficult to tackle technical problems, and the raw material composition involved is very complex, including toluene, alkyne diol, etc. (2,5-dimethyl-3-hexyne-2,5-diol), which is very difficult to implement. It is necessary to fully consider the gasification critical points of toluene, alkynylenediol and other components as well as the characteristics of flammable and explosive substances, determine the gasification gradient and the evacuation mode of gasification substances in the evaporation equipment, so as to meet the process requirements of recrystallization of non condensable gas components. After several technical discussions, the feasibility of negative pressure evaporation process was finally confirmed. The construction of "9600 T / a 32% - 90% potash concentration plant" puts forward higher requirements for Bozhang's process technology application in the field of alkali concentration and evaporation, and provides a new direction for Bozhang's technology extension in the alkali recovery and comprehensive utilization plate. Deep emission reduction, comprehensive recycling of resources and building a green industrial system are of great significance to the sustainable development of industry, and they are also important driving forces for technological innovation and green manufacturing, which requires every enterprise to contribute.

Bozhang once again joins hands with koruma klor alkali, Turkey San.ve Tic. A.. New one breakthrough in "one belt, one road"

In January 2021, Chongqing Bozhang and koruma klor alkali, Turkey San.ve Tic. A. Ş. Signed the contract of "50000 tons / year 32% - 50% liquid alkali concentration project". The project will be built in kojaeli Province, which is located in the northwest of Turkey and at the easternmost end of the Marmara Sea. The province's manufacturing industry accounts for 13% of Turkey's GDP, ranking second only to Istanbul. The completion of the project will promote the development of local economy and further promote the process of chlor alkali economy localization, which can not only solve the employment problem of local people, but also bring more convenient services for local downstream enterprises. Due to the impact of the epidemic, for a long time, both sides can only conduct business negotiation and technical exchange through e-mail and video conference online communication. After many discussions, they finally reached an agreement, making the project start successfully. One belt, one road, the second cooperation between the two sides, and the strategic partnership of "one belt and one road" has been established in 2019. Koruma Klor Alkali San.ve Tic. A. Ş. Was founded in Kocaeli in 1964. It is the first chlor alkali production plant in Turkey, Its goal is to provide global standard products for Turkey's agricultural sector, establish the largest production base of agrochemical enterprises in Turkey, and sell them through eight regional offices, warehouses and extensive distribution channels, so as to finally provide all technical achievements and products to farmers. According to the statistics of Istanbul chamber of industry, koruma klor alkali San. Ve tic. A. Ş. Ranks 298th among Turkey's top 500 industrial enterprises. One belt, one road and one belt, one road and international capacity cooperation strategy, has been actively participating in the Chongqing's recent "world wide cooperation" strategy. It has taken the advantage of the world's first-class technology, materials and equipment support to undertake a large number of representative overseas demonstration projects for solid base evaporation and concentration. Positive contribution. Turkey's one belt, one road project, "50 thousand tons / year 32%-50% liquid alkali concentration project" is the first overseas project in 2021. Its significance is remarkable, which indicates that Bo Zhang has achieved outstanding competitive advantages and extensive brand influence in the strategic development of "one belt and one road", and laid a solid foundation for the future strategic layout of the whole industry in the future.

Sichuan Jinlu resin 50000 T / a 50% sodium alkali three effect evaporation concentration unit successfully started at one time

2021At 11:00 on January 2, 2008, the 50000 T / a 50% sodium alkali triple effect evaporation and concentration project of Sichuan Jinlu resin was successfully put into operation. All participants of Chongqing Bozhang witnessed this exciting moment. The project was signed on December 23, 2019 and lasted for 12 months after several twists and turns.At the beginning of the construction, the construction was delayed for more than a month due to the epidemic situation, and then the drawing design was interrupted near the end due to the relocation of the plant. The design work was not restarted until about August 10, 2020.In the case of tight time and heavy tasks, all members of the project team competed against the clock, did their best, cooperated closely and communicated with each other, gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, and completed the drawing design, plant construction, installation and commissioning as scheduled. Finally, they handed in a satisfactory answer sheet in four months. Before the start-up of the plant, all staff carried out accurate investigation and setting confirmation for each production equipment, each pipeline, each process link, each technical parameter, etc.The device was successfully put into production at one time through people's hard work day and night. The device will be successfully started on New Year's day in 2021, marking a good start for Bozhang people.Although the road is far, it will come soon. Although it is difficult, it will be done.

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