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Corporate Culture

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Sell products such as solid alkali set equipment and high-end pumps

Corporate Culture

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1    Since 1992, Bozhang has contributed tremendous strength to China's national defense industry and fulfilled the dream of a powerful country. In 2002, Bozhang entered the chlor-alkali industry, determined to be a world-class enterprise, to realise the dream of the world Bozhang. During ten years of dream-seeking, there has been a great dream hidden in our heart, and we have been devoting ourselves to dream of world-class products. Today, when Bozhang stands at the top of the industry at the leading international level, we can finally express our dream of becoming a powerful country from the perspective of enterprises, China dream. This dream transforms the enterprise into a platform to build a dream, which is realized with bloggers who share the same dream.
  Bozhang Enterprise Slogan: Brand IdeaCorporate Culture
  Bo Zhang Dream, China Dream.
  Bozhang Enterprise Vision:
  A platform for realising dreams.
  Bozhang Enterprise Spirit:
  Dare to think, dare to act, concentration, perseverance.
  Bozhang Enterprise Mission:
  Be a leading brand in the world
  Bozhang business philosophy:
  On the way to realise the dream, knowledge and action are unified.
  Bozhang Enterprise Values:
  Quality is the foundation of our existence, and perfection is our pursuit.

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