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Sell products such as solid alkali set equipment and high-end pumps

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Pre-sale Service

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  One-stop service
  Bozhang has complete industrial and technological supporting advantages, and can undertake the whole process services from process design, equipment design and manufacture, installation configuration, personnel training, start-up, commissioning, and operation. 'Turn-key' service mode brings customers the lowest economic and technological risks, the lowest cost, the most effective  projects quantity, project schedule management, and the most perfect technology.
  Leading Technology
  Patents and independent intellectual property rights are abundant: there are 60 patents authorized by the state in solid alkali evaporation equipment and pumps, including six invention patents.
  Upgrading of Major Raw Materials 
  Based on a large number of experiments, Bozhang uses Ni4 pure nickel, which is superior to imported Ni201, as the main material for key equipment and process pipelines, to comprehensively improve the quality, service performance and service life of equipment and process pipelines. This achievement has been fully proven in many caustic soda plant projects and single equipment in Bozhang, bringing over-value benefits to customers.
  First-class Manufacturing Team
  The company's manufacturing team is composed of technical expert with many years of practice experience. A number of top technicians have been trained in the welding of nickel materials, which is the most critical part of equipment manufacturing. Nickel welding technology is in the most advanced rank in China, which ensures the manufacturing quality of chemical equipment.
  After-sales Service Guarantee
  The company has a number of representative offices in China to ensure timely communication and feedback with customers; The company headquarters has a specific after-sales service department and a number of professional after-sales maintenance personnel, after-sales service quality can be guaranteed. The consumable spare parts are storaged at factory warehouse which can timely meet client's needs.

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